Useful Information

Procedures of applying for a short-term internship program at NTHU

Foreign students who want to come to Taiwan for a short-term internship, please follow the steps below :

Please confirm the Departments or Institutes you want to apply for a short-term internship and contact the administrative assistant of the Department or Institute to submit required documents applying for permission to intern.

( Please ask the Departments or Institutes the required documents for short-term internship applications. )

1. If you already contact a host professor, who agree to accept you as a short-term Internship at NTHU,  please submit the required documents to the Department or Institute.

2. If you still don't find host professors at NTHU, please see the website below and select the Department or Institute to contact the professors to want to be guided:

1.The staying term must no more than 6 months.
2.Deadline of Applying: Applicants must submit all required documents to the host Department or Institute  at least 6 months before coming to Taiwan

If you have any questions, please contact the departments/institutes administrative staff.